Scholarships for Upland Agriculture and Food Security

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

On this section, you can find questions frequently asked about the Scholarship for Upland Agriculture and Food Security. More questions will be added as more inquiries are done.

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Eligibility and Application:

1. Is the scholarship open to all nationals from all countries?

- The scholarship is only open to qualified nationals from Cambodia, Vietnam, and Lao PDR. Applicants from other member countries of SEAMEO may apply for the regular SEARCA scholarship.

2. I am 43 years old. Can i apply for the scholarship?

- Applicants must be 35 years old or younger to apply, though you may still appeal your case. We do accept applicants ages 36 years old and above; all will depend on your academic background, physical and mental health, and research experience if we will accept your application. Send us your requirements first and we'll see what we can do.

3. I didn't finish my Bachelor's degree, though i have a 2-year Diploma course in _____. Can i apply?

- Unfortunately, only Bachelor degree graduates can take up Master degree courses.

4. I do not speak good English. Can i still apply?

- The scholarship program requires the applicant to have some sort of training in the English language, supported by any kind of certification i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, or any training certificate. You may still apply, as long as you have English certification.

5. The Bachelor degree i finished is not related to agriculture and associated sciences. Can i still apply?

- You may still apply, though you will have a lower chance of being awarded a scholarship. The Selection committee will evaluate your documents and decide the outcome of your application.

6. Some of my documents are not in English. Can i send them to you anyway?

- Please make sure your non-English documents have certified English translations when you send them to us. We will only accept English and/or certified English translated documents.

7. Can i send my requirements (scanned/e-copies) via email only? Or do i have to send it again via courier service?

- You MUST send your requirements, first via email, then via courier service.

8. I already applied thru your online application platform. Do i still have to send my requirements via email?

- No need to send your requirements via email, provided you have already attached ALL scanned copies of your requirements in your online application. You just need to send the same requirements via courier service. If you haven't attached anything on your online application, then you must send them via email.

9. Can i apply for another course/degree other than those offered?

- No. You can only apply for the courses offered in the scholarship. Please see Graduate Programs for more info.

10. I've sent my requirements via email and via courier service. Now what?

- We will notify you via email regarding your interview schedule. This may be done face-to-face or via Skype.


1. How do you select the scholarship awardees?

- We consider five important factors :

  • Review of applicant's application documents
  • Proposed thesis research (must have a STRONG FOCUS in upland agriculture and food security)
  • Academic background
  • Result of interview session
  • Evaluation of IDRC and selection committee

Note: This list of not exhaustive. Other factors may affect the result of your application.

2. If selected, what will i do next?

- You will receive further instructions via email on what to do next. In the meantime, ask permission from your home institution that you will be on study leave to pursue graduate studies abroad. Also make sure that all your important affairs are in order before you leave your country.

3. If not selected, can i reapply?

- Yes, you may reapply, though you cannot submit the same thesis proposal. You also have to resubmit all application documents.

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